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Unionville High School    750 Unionville Road, Kennett Square, PA 19348    610-347-1600

As the XC season comes to a close at NXN, the team & coaches would like to thank all the supporters throughout this fantastic run in the 2013 season!!
Good luck to the future teams and of course we will miss our seniors!

Unionvile Girls' Finish 7th @ NXN Championships!

Courtney Smith 10th overall in a stellar field of runners!

Courtney Smith - NXN NE Regional Champion!

2013 PTFCA All-State XC Teams / Coach of the Year announced!!!



Girls go 1-2 with Courtney Smith as Champion!
Olivia Young as runner-up!
Colin McDonald qualifies for State Meet!

Poll ranks UNIONVILLE GIRLS #1 in the COUNTRY!!! by XC Nation 2013 Girls' National Team Rankings

Team average of 18:06.0 at District 1 Championships is 15th best in US History

Mark Lacianca named NASF Coach of the Week

Courtney Smith named HS Runner of the Week by Running Times plus story about McQuaid Invitational and the rest of the fantastic runners from UHS!

Read Courtney Smith's journal entry #8 (Dec. 10th) on PennTrackXC

Read Olivia Young's journal (Dec. 17th) on PennTrackXC

ChesMont American Division Meets

2013 Girls Record 6-0 / Division Champs
Girls WIN Ches-Mont League Championships

Unionville 17 vs Great Valley 45
Unionville 15 vs Sun Valley 50
Unionville 15 vs Kennett 50
Unionville 15 vs Oxford 49
Unionville 15 vs Octorara 50
Unionville 16 vs Rustin 44

2013 Boys Record 4-2

Unionville 42 vs Great Valley 20
Unionville 19 vs Sun Valley 42
Unionville 32 vs Kennett 25
Unionville 19 vs Oxford 44
Unionville 15 vs Octorara 50
Unionville 19 vs Rustin 41

Good Luck Class of 2014

Invitational Results

State & National Rankings

PennTrackXC: State 2013 Girls' Final Team Rankings - 1st overall

XC Nation 2013 Girls' National Team Rankings - 7th overall

Milesplit: National 2013 Girls' Team Rankings - 3rd overall as of 12/4/2013

DyeStat: National 2013 Girls' Team Rankings - 7th overall

Running Times 2013 Girls' National Team Rankings - 7th overall

Milesplit: National 2013 Girls' Individual Rankings - Courtney Smith 23rd overall as of 12/2/2013

Dyestat: National 2013 Girls' Individual Rankings - Courtney Smith 20th overall as of 12/5/2013

2013 Team / Individual Honors / Medalists

NXN NE Regional Championships

Girls' NXN NE Regional Team Champions - Team Interview
Girls' NXN NE: 1st - Courtney Smith, 5th - Olivia Young, 9th - Kacie Breeding, 20th - Gretchen Mills, 60th - Emily Fisher, 74th - Elizabeth Edwards, 89th - Bridgette Zerbe

PIAA State Championships

Girls' PA State Team Champions - Team Interview
Girls' AAA: 2nd - Courtney Smith, 6th - Olivia Young, 9th - Kacie Breeding, 21st - Gretchen Mills, 26th - Elizabeth Edwards - Frosh Story, Emily Fisher, Bridgette Zerbe, Jillian Brislin, Molly Wentz, Leah Talley, Cami Rickenbach

District 1 Championships

Girls' District 1 Team Champions - Interview
Girls' Varsity: 1st - Courtney Smith, 2nd - Olivia Young, 6th - Kacie Breeding, 10th - Gretchen Mills, 20th - Elizabeth Edwards
Girls' JV: 1st - Jillian Brislin, 2nd - Molly Wentz, 3rd - Leah Talley, 5th - Cami Rickenbach
Boys' Varsity: 30th - Colin McDonald

Ches-Mont League Championships

Girls' Ches-Mont Team Champions - Race Video
Mark Lacianca Interview / Courtney Smith Interview
Girls' Varsity: 1st - Courtney Smith, 3rd - Olivia Young, 4th - Kacie Breeding, 6th - Elizabeth Edwards,
8th - Gretchen Mills, 13th - Bridgette Zerbe, 15th - Molly Wentz
Girls' JV: 1st - Leah Talley, 2nd - Jillian Brislin, 3rd - Cami Rickenbach
Boys' Varsity: 14th - Colin McDonald

Manhattan Invitational - GIRLS WIN AGAIN

Girls' Eastern States Team Champions - Interview
Girls' Varsity: 3rd - Courtney Smith, 6th - Olivia Young, 16th - Kacie Breeding, 29th - Elizabeth Edwards,
35th - Emily Fisher, 40th - Gretchen Mills, 52nd - Bridgette Zerbe
Girls' JV: 1st - Jillian Brislin, 2nd - Cami Rickenbach

Boys' Varsity: 11th - Colin McDonald, 63rd - Francis Peabody, 64th - Tom Edwards, 69th - Ryan Andes,
74th - Adam Stautberg, 75th - Mike DelVecchio
Boys' JV: 20th - Sam Miller, 23rd - Kyle Auger

Henderson Invitational
Boys' Varsity & JV: 2nd - Colin McDonald H#3, 1st - Adam Stautberg H#2, 5th - Ryan Andes H#2, 7th - Matt Stalford H#2, 9th - Conor Murray H#2, 10th - Francis Peabody H#2, 1st - Matt Candy H#1, 2nd - Jesse Saran H#1, 3rd - Ian Mears H#1, 4th - Jack Odom H#1, 5th - Kyle Pelegrin H#1, 6th - Sam Immediato H#1
Girls' Varsity & JV: 5th - Molly Wentz H#2, 8th - Leah Talley H#2, 1st - Jane Peabody H#1, 6th - Ellie Norris H#1, 9th - Virginia Korrell H#1, 10th - Gillian Holt H#1

McQuaid Invitational - WIN over 7-time National Champion Fayetteville Manlius

Girls' AAA Team Champions
Girls' Varsity: 1st - Courtney Smith - Interview , 7th - Olivia Young, 8th - Emily Fisher, 14th - Kacie Breeding, 15th - Elizabeth Edwards, 27th - Bridgette Zerbe, 28th - Molly Wentz, 29th - Cami Rickenbach

Cherokee Challenge

Girls' Class Team Champions - 6 points
Seniors - 1st Courtney Smith, 2nd Emily Fisher, 13th Colin McDonald
Juniors - 1st Olivia Young, 3rd Bridgette Zerbe, 10th Gretchen Mills, 11th Molly Wentz, 19th Leah Talley
Sophomores - 1st Kacie Breeding, 5th Cami Rickenbach
Freshmen - 3rd Elizabeth Edwards, 5th Jillian Brislin

Rustin Relays
Girls' Varsity: 1st - Jillian Brislin, Kacie Breeding, Cami Rickenbach & Emily Fisher, 2nd - Taylor Schnaars, Gretchen Mills, Molly Wentz & Bridgette Zerbe, 3rd - Ellie Norris, Liz Edwards, Leah Talley & Olivia Young
Girls JV: 1st - Jane Peabody, 3rd - Haley Keglovits, 5th - Virginia Korrell, 7th - Sam Collins, 8th - Gillian Holt
Boys' Varsity: 3rd - Max Schenk, Conor Murray, Tom Edwards & Colin McDonald
Boys' JV: 5th - Ziggy Fisher, 6th - Matt Candy, 7th - Colby Camp, 8th - Ian Mears

Oakborne Relays

Girls' Varsity Team Champions
1st - Olivia Young & Elizabeth Edwards, 2nd - Emily Fisher & Kacie Breeding, 3rd - Courtney Smith & Cami Rickenbach, 5th - Bridgette Zerbe & Gretchen Mills

Girls' JV: 1st - Molly Wentz, 3rd - Jillian Brislin, 5th - Leah Talley, 10th - Taylor Schnaars

Boys' Varsity: 12th - Colin McDonald & Max Schenk, 14th - Francis Peabody & Adam Stautberg

Team Captains

Emily Fisher & Courtney Smith

Colin McDonald & Tom Edwards


Head XC Coach - Mark Lacianca

Contact email:

Assistant XC Coach - Cal Hess

Contact email:

Volunteer XC Coach - Jeni Smith

Contact email:

Volunteer XC Coach - Greg Stanczuk

Please email any comments, suggestions, questions or errors!

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